The rise and spread of democracy has made the citizen sector not only possible, but absolutely necessary.   The Power of Information and Collective Action making it easy to share ideas, form effective partnerships to build momentum for positive social change.

Through their civic engagement, citizens help society grow; they hold their government to standards of accountability, transparency, and responsiveness.  

The ongoing effort to empower citizens to create positive social change is clearly articulated in our work as iCare because we believe that giving is a win-win situation for most business.  It is our chance to feel good about giving back to a supportive community while creating a positive public relation. 

We believe that no one understands a community like its own residents. Therefore, we engage community members at every stage of development for community programs.

We would like to help communities identify and attain common goals; find positive, sustainable solutions to problems; and build long-term leadership capacity within communities to meet future needs.

We promote community-based planning projects which are typically collaborative efforts between government agencies, non-profit organizations, private sector, and citizens.

We share our philosophy and methods, foster awareness of our working models; and link with colleagues for mutual enrichment.