iCare is the CSR arm of Automata4 Group.  It was launched in 2009 in order to support the social programs of our organization with the aim of improving the lives of the Syrian people whom we live among.

iCare plays an important role in developing our social and human environment which we work in. The strongly held belief of our employees that we should be tied closely with our society was the foundation of iCare. 

Our employees believe that corporations should get involved with the society they work in, in order to help people achieve their potential, or to become integral, independent leaders and contributors in their societies.

iCare deals with our society issues like education, environment, youth, volunteering, and sustainable development.

Our goals are to stimulate community initiative, creativity, cooperation and leadership; and help neighborhoods; towns and cities plan for more livable, sustainable futures.

Our mission is to build good citizenship by providing a volunteer organization of people dedicated to serving individual and community needs with an emphasis on helping people in poor communities.

We believe in:

Our Hearts:   that beat for every citizen of Syria with joy at every triumph of truth.
Our Minds:   that teach respect for others and laws in order to be builders of good citizenship.
Our Souls:   that love every piece of our Syria and want it to be a better world for all.